Friday, March 20, 2009

Which of these are too insulting?

Having joined the #badgeofhonor list of twits blocked by Jake Tapper, I invite both my readers to ascertain which of my posts was sufficiently bile-laden to justify such treatment:

phd9: @jaketapper The 'insult' threshhold will always be lower to the recipient than the provider.

phd9: @jaketapper The Leno transcript has 4430 words and yet you have nothing to report on but two of them - mumbled at that. Agenda much?

phd9: @jaketapper When I think 'populist' - Orange County in number one on MY list!

phd9: @jaketapper re: Confidence. Look on the bright side. He didn't say he's doing a heck of a job.....

phd9: @jaketapper The AIG bonuses were "contractual" obligations. Yet the Big 3's UAW contracts were abrogated. Why not AIG's?

phd9: @jaketapper I know chasing earmarks are fun - BUT!

phd9: @jaketapper Two thoughts re partisanship 1. Never underestimate the power of selective attention. 2. How did we get to this point?


Jay Ackroyd said...

Congratulations. Badge of honor to you, you dirty fucking hippie.

Jo said...

But if the threshold if so low, is being blocked by Tapper really an honor? Congrats, anyway.

stuart_zechman said...

This is serious, folks.

This tool is bringing his cocktail-party invitation sensibilities to a technology that isn't about controlling access.

If this guy gets away with this, we're looking at JournoList 2.0.

Jay Ackroyd said...

What'[s the problem with journolist, Stuart?