Thursday, September 21, 2006

The tragic case of Maher Arar.

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Where were the media..??

What gets me is simply this....The rendition took place in September 2002. He was released in October 2003. I distinctly remember reading about his case at the time (probably at Why is it taking until September 2006 for this to be getting prominent coverage. He's now been exonerated by the Canadian government. But he's been an innocent man unlawfully detained all along. Shouldn't more Americans have been informed of this back in 2003 when it could have made a difference


Interrobang said...

It took his wife, Monia Mazigh (former NDP candidate for Ottawa South), almost a year to get anyone's attention that he'd been abducted and not simply gone missing. The RCMP, probably knowing that they'd screwed up bigtime, didn't want to deal with the case as anything other than a cold missing-persons case. She finally had to write her MP to get some action.

Monia Mazigh is an engineer with a PhD, and she sounds like a bad person to have angry at you.

emily said...

Monia is a force. I seriously doubt Arar would be alive today without her; she was tireless demanding answers here in Canada.

Your comment earlier on Glenn's site (first comment) was dead on and my sentiments are identical.

As an American living in Canada I have to communicate that this country too has now become directed by those utterly lacking in basic integrity. Here, of course, we are much less controlled than american citizens, but the Harper government is pushing just as fast and hard, in it's own way, to reach the same conclusions.

These days when I think of the USA an image of 'The Scream' comes to mind. These are horrific times.

opit said...

You can take Emily's comment about Canada's direction and propagate it further. Haaretz (Israel) exposed links between fringe Israeli political groups and the assault on Lebanon. The Danes have civil rights ignoring "anti-terror" legislation ! The Australians can interrogate someone without warrant and if they tell their spouse (let alone the press)_ they can be imprisoned for five years. I looked at European Tribune yesterday to see commentary ( blogger conversations ) that politicians were mixing religion and politics - something which was new to them !
I read an article in Twin Cities Sept 14 that the Taliban had taken over half of Afghanistan, making me wonder if the international force will not soon be decimated - or worse - by the same "rebels" which drove out the U.S.S.R. after 9 years.
There's a lot to keep track of.