Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I can't believe I used that phrase in a sentence!

Lefties and righties should be in agreement about the evils of our current administration. Because after all, using the military to provide perquisites for particular industries at the expense of the economy as a whole certainly runs counter to any free-market idealism one could care to entertain.

The degree that so-called conservatives come to the defense of the current administration is the degree to which they have abandoned any principles and are now engaged in masturbatory xenophobia (it feels good to hate people!)

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William K. Wolfrum said...


I find it endlessly amazing the depth of love people have for their own party in the U.S. It's exactly like rooting for a sports team, and if they go bad, you stick with them.

Such thinking is so out of line with reality: Politicians are our employees. When an employee endlessly screws you, do you just keep backing them up and overlooking their ineptitude because you have too much pride from hiring them in the first place?

It's truly silly. In a fantasy, the two U.S. parties disband and seven-to-10 others come take their place.

The whole "Well, my party stands for nothing I believe in any more, but I'll be damned if I vote for them." philosophy is leaving the U.S. in shambles.