Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Comment I posted at David Gans' site

I have to think that there are fair number of people who are like me. I never was to much into the taping scene and I stopped going to shows altogether in '91. But my interest in the Dead has rekindled of late and I've bought several items of Grateful Dead merchandise including the 2nd boxed set of studio releases.

So when I happened upon archive.org there were two uses I saw for it immediately. The first was to investigate the other jambands on the scene and check out a lot of the music that I'd been missing. (I live in St. Thomas which makes going to shows other than my own a BIG problem) The other was to grab some of those moments that I knew were out there but wouldn't have ready access to. So far, all I had downloaded was the Milkweg 81, the 11-17-78 acoustic set in Chicago (The Uptown show that evening was my first ever Dead show AND my 21st birthday) and I also picked up a Deer Creek '89 because I remember it having a REALLY JUICY Bird Song to close the first set.

The bottom line is that nothing I was doing on archive.org was in any way going to affect my spending with GD marketing other than perhaps keep me paying attention.

So then all this stuff starts going down and by the time I'd even noticed it all seemed to be resolved in what seemed to me to be reasonable compromise.

Then Weir opened his mouth....

I recognize the rights of musicians (well songwriters actually) to control their own creations but WHAT A BONEHEAD!

nuf said...thanks for listening


Helen said...

Well, I gotta' say that after actually hearing it, I thought he was even MORE of a bonehead but as you say.......nuf said!
More Peace.............

Mark said...

Oh, come now, Helen. Let bygones be bygones! See you at Ratdog tonight?????