Saturday, December 03, 2016

Regarding fake news sites:

Just my opinion: The people I am describing have immunized themselves from the possibility of being proven wrong. Having written off all 'fact checking' sites as being corrupt, they are then free to believe whatever makes them feel good. It happens on both sides of the Political spectrum. I think the thing that unites all the people who are susceptible to such manipulation is that they start by identifying an enemy first and then filtering everything else they know through how it relates to their particular battle. If your enemy is drug companies or Monsanto, then you are susceptible to Natural news. If your enemy is Hillary, then you are susceptible to US Uncut. If your enemy is Obama, the you are susceptible to the Daily Caller and Briebart. What these sites all have in common other than spreading lies, is the fact that they regularly attack legitimate news sites as biased and incomplete.

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