Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Theology in a nutshell:

(as posted on Facebook)

I have always held that the Universe should be credited at having least as much consciousness as it's contents. I therefore don't call myself an atheist. Beyond that......

All I mean is that if we strip away the limitations of our own viewpoints - stuck in time, looking out from inside our own skulls, then there is plenty of room within the physical Universe for what we would call God. I like to think of the Universe itself as in the process of discovering its own existence and we are tools in that endeavor.
Life is the interface through which molecules can learn of stars

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Anonymous said...

Mark Steyn read you like a book after your comment.

He was right. You're a pompous ignoramous.

Your theology! Bwaaaaa! You're a dumb ass.

You wouldn't know theology if you tripped on it.