Monday, December 08, 2008

What Paul said at 23

Whenever I think about Rev. Wright, I remember that half of the stuff he says would be utterly uncontroversial except for a prevalent and totally unhealthy belief that the USA has some kind of inside track to Godliness. The Gospels themselves make clear that loyalty to God is an entirely separate matter from loyalty to any earthly political entities. Confusion on this point leads directly to the notion that the USA is incapable of immoral actions. The same people who end up attacking Wright's patriotism are the very one's who write off Abu Ghraib as no big deal

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Jay Ackroyd said...

The US state religion, with the Founding Father Demigods, and the holy flag, is inextricably tied into a deep belief in American exceptionalism.

Iraq may be changing the depth and breadth of that belief.