Wednesday, May 07, 2008

When I was an adolescent

and was working on developing my political and religious views one of the things I did was sit down and read the New Testatament confining my attention to the four Gospels figurung that they were the closest thing I could find to 'source' material.

What I saw astounded me. The amount of energy that is spent condemning hypocrisy and, more importantly, false piety based on strict adherence to doctrine rather than the common sense kindness to our fellow travelers is boggling especially when you consider how much the very attitudes that Jesus railed against have become reincorporated into our Religious institutions.

I give the Vatican credit for being more consistent about life issues than the Right here in America, but anyone who considers abortion a more grave evil than launching a war of aggresion has carefully avoided thinking about the nature of suffering.


Lorena said...

WWJD? Besides roll over in his grave .... (irony intended).

Actually, I just popped over here to tell you I liked your comment at GG today re amending the constitution.

But, you know, the part of the oath of office where they swear to defend the constitution (or uphold it or whatever the exact language is) ... that should probably include something along the lines of "which I have read and understand."

Wendy Dirks said...

Well said, Paul! (Even if I am biased)