Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Re: Hillary's likability

I'm loathe to defend the press corp in this sort of context but I will note that the issue of Hillary's "likability" does arise naturally simply because the people who don't like her for whatever reason (beyond me) loathe her passionately.

Since the press couldn't reasonably cover this aspect lest they turn over the rock of civility that most mouth-foaming wingnuts can be found under, they instead have to talk in general terms about her "likability"

Like "states rights" and "family values", those who know the code know what's actually being said, and those who don't can go on about their lives without wondering what all the fuss is about.

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Matthew said...

Paul, great comment on the Ezra Klein & Glenn Greenwald fight re: states rights/racism/constitutionality. It's unfortunate that so many people throw around issues of 'constitutionality' and 'liberty' without seeming to know anything about the history of the constitution and the founder's intent. Good work.