Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Spine......aka Leadership

Without even bothering to mention Joe Klein or David Broder, the broader point, that Americans admire people who will stand up on principles and fight against the tide needs to be stressed repeatedly. Our culture, beginning with that American Revolution itself and continuing throughout the process of settling the West is infused with the story line.

We certainly don't need to be reminded of the power of "flip-flop" to know that capitulation to RW talking points is significantly MORE harmful to one's National Security cred than standing and fighting for what is clearly and demonstrably the right thing to do. Who after all, wants to be defended against terrorists by a capitulating weakling.

Joe Klein is indeed a symptom of the illness which infects this country. But I can't help rememeber a few months ago when everyone was lamenting Obama's naivety and inexperience becuase he had the audacity to mention that it might become necessary to intervene in Pakistan.

Apparently stupidity sells.

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