Saturday, June 16, 2007

Words Matter

I've always thought that the word "terrorist" should be defined as anyone who has committed an act of terrorism or anyone who plans on committing an act of terrorism in the future. It seems perfectly reasonable and it encompasses thousands of dangerous people. Unfortunatetly now "terrorist" has been redefined to include anybody who doesn't like the USA plus anybody who happens to occupy any real estate we're targeting at the moment. So we've instantly gone from facing thousands of terrorists to facing millions! No wonder the chickhawks are so scared!

What you've described in your post, is the redefinition of the word "insurgent" in precisely the same manner. It does make things more difficult when insurgents are routinely elected in the Democracies we're so busy imposing. But nevertheless in this Orwellian world we now occupy, "insurgencies" are bound to be springing up all over the place. All we have to do is target a building and "POOF", its instantly filled with insurgents!


Liberal White Boy said...

"The Universe should be given at least as much credit for consciousness as it's contents. It is therefore at least as self aware as we are."

Why do you draw distiction between the two? We are after all star dust. Don't you think we and most of life is the universe trying to realize its otherwise dismal self? I understand if we take our genetic materials back far enough we are all related to the sponge. I consider the fact that you have just read my comment hear an absolute miracle. 13.7 billion years since the big bang is a long time to travel.

Vigilante said...

I'm not just playing devil's advocate here.

We don't need to spend priceless American blood training the so-called 'Iraqi army'. There's no shortage of trained armies of killers in Iraq. I say end this occupation. Leave. And, All power to the militia's! Let Allah sort them out.

I'm not just playing devil's advocate here.