Friday, January 06, 2006

Every single American citizen needs to read this post.

This represents the most blatant executive power grab since Lincoln suspended habeus corpus and no one seems to be noticing.

Glenn Greenwald cross posting at Digby

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Benjimon said...

About 6 months ago, maybe 5, the NYCTA, the transit authority passed a new rule concerning random searches of bags on the subways, LIRR and buses in New York City.

The news station New York 1 was doing random blurbs from people concerning this alarming development. One woman, professional looking, a cut n paste manhattanite perhaps said "Well, if it means ill be more safe, I guess I can live with it."

Some 200 odd years ago another famous quote was said and recorded. I think it was "Those who would sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither" and the silly old man who uttered it was none other than Benjamin Franklin.

200 years, 180 degrees. Are we so forgetful? Now we have the neverending war with the unknown enemy across the ocean, terrorists everywhere and the uh... "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"

Hmm... Unnamed non-gender specific deity help us :P